*fantasizes about living alone, healthy, bills payed, with a nice fenced in backyard for my dogs to play*

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Aphrodite USB Hub


Aphrodite USB Hub

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Johannes Folke


Johannes Folke

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Shhh the baby is sleeping


Shhh the baby is sleeping

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[ Falling in Love Again ]


Thanks for showing me around last night. Hope you don’t think I don’t care. ‘Cause I do I just don’t know if I should feel this bad about you.

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Everything in my life is work.. but not Dennis Duffy.

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I think it’s going to be okay. And afterwards, I’ll just be in my future. And, you know, we’ll go from there, right?

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Becca . 19 . Lexington.
UK homie
I don't want no part of your tight-ass country club, you freak bitch.